Looking for leadership . . .

If you read my blog No job too big (10 May 2019) you might recall that I was looking forward to a trip to the cinema – my grandson’s first. 

Spending over £20 on tickets to watch a 45-minute cartoon with an 18-month old paled into insignificance as I watched the joy on my boy’s face. The big screen was most definitely a hit. It mesmerised him for nearly the whole film. He only needed to turn his attention away for one minute to lie down on the floor in front of the screen so he could watch upside down. Naturally. 

I had imagined that simply witnessing the event and being able to say in years to come, I was there (along with the 3 other adults who are pretty special in his life – yes, it’s true, we do like to mark every milestone) would be the most I could have got out of the day. And if it had been only that, I most definitely wouldn’t have complained – being part of my grandson’s life in this way is the most wonderful privilege I am thankful for every single day.

But there in my town’s small cinema, watching a 45 minute cartoon about puppies with super powers, amidst chattering and screaming infants and much rustling of crisp and sweet packets, I got so much more. There was, rather surprisingly, a lesson in leadership running as a theme throughout the film. 

Please don’t worry – there will be no spoiler alerts here for those of you who are yet to see Paw Patrol the Movie … but suffice to say there was self-doubt, owning up to failure, hero worship, courage, team encouragement, followers, problem-solving, success in the face of much adversity (for they do have rather a lot of challenges in Adventure Bay) and even a little self-actualisation.

And the particular leader in question came through it all because:

  • He recognised his weaknesses
  • He was supported and encouraged by his team and a more senior leader
  • He asked for help

All my grandson saw were cute puppies.

Me? I can recognise a good leader whenever, and wherever, I see one.

In the most unlikely places.

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