Storytelling at its best . . .

We can each react to change in different ways. Occasionally (probably rarely) we like it, but more often than not, we resist.


Recognise any of these?


  • You question whether the change represents real change or a simple reworking of an idea – you’re a sceptic


  • You reminisce, fondly, over bygone days – with a complacent resistance, a we’ve been here before attitude, based perhaps on an espoused reality of previous success within your subculture


  • You simply refuse to unfreeze, or to abandon beliefs which you’ve previously found comforting, and thus become unreceptive even to the idea of change


And in a world of work where change is coming hard and fast at us from many angles and turns, with a frequency we’ve probably not previously experienced, it’s natural that we’re perhaps more than a little fearful of change.


But with the privilege of working both 1:1 and in groups with people comes my simple observation that the sceptics, or even rejectors of change, can often be won over by something so simple, we sometimes overlook it:


Storytelling and examples of colleagues’ good practice showing that change can work.


Rituals and stories from within our own culture can be amongst the best self-publicity that an organisation could ever want to achieve.


So next time you’re helping someone transition through change, ask yourself:


  • Who do we both know who’s been through this before?
  • What story can I tell that describes a successful change process?
  • What would be my best example of someone coming kicking and screaming into change, and getting through to the other side with a smile on their face?




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