What captivates you?

I wouldn’t be so bold as to comment on my success – that’s for others to feed back on – but what I can say is that the key to my satisfaction, and the essence of my body of work, is to be able to coach.


When I found coaching, I felt I’d come home.


What is your body of work? Pamela Slim defines it as this:



And she gives us some tips for creating our own very personal body of work:


  1. Define your roots: be clear what you want, and where you’re going
  2. Name your ingredients: what makes you unique, talented and capable?
  3. Choose your work mode: will you work for yourself, or for someone else?
  4. Create and innovate: what will you now bring to life?
  5. Surf the fear: get to grips with your fears
  6. Form your team: gather people around you who can help
  7. Define what success means: in financial and personal terms
  8. Sell your story: be able to explain it to others


My simple question to you is:

What is the legacy you’d like to be known for?


One thought on “What captivates you?

  1. Your ideas are so true. That word captivate caught my attention. I am a journalism major; we pay attention to stuff like that! I will continue to read more of your work. Have a productive, happy day!


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