Let curiosity get the better of you . . .

I’m re-reading Sophie’s World – Jostein Gaarder’s “novel about the history of philosophy,” and there’s a lovely moment early on in Sophie’s journey when she suggests:


“Grownups took the world for granted. They had let themselves be lulled into the enchanted sleep of their humdrum existence once and for all.”


She challenges her mother:

“You’ve just grown so used to the world that nothing surprises you any more.”


What a sobering thought. It’s wonderful to be curious, and yet sometimes life gets in the way and we forget to ask, to challenge, to learn, to develop.


And I wondered what it might take to get us each back to the place of wonderment and innocence we so often experience as a child? To see the world in its simplicity, to perhaps be able to approach a problem from a new angle, without contamination from negative emotions?


Donna Farhi captures this moment for me in her wonderful The Breathing Book where she describes the breath and tries to help us to imagine returning to the breath we had as a child.


You know . . . the sort of breath that came when you’d been running, and running, without a care, exploring and being free . . .

“Most of us remember the exuberance of our own early youth when we breathed with relaxed open bellies and as a result had an almost limitless supply of energy.”


Close your eyes and see if you can remember what that felt like for you.


And wonder if you could take that moment into a day at work soon to make yourself curious about something with the hope that you might see it, or someone else, differently.

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