If you don’t know where you’re going . . .

GoalsI’ll often start off a coaching conversation by asking my client what they want to achieve out of our session.


To some, this comes as a surprise.


They might have thought that coaching was a good idea; they might have been sent to me by a switched-on manager because of a difficulty they’re facing, yet unsure of what to expect from coaching; they might simply not be able to see clearly through their current issues.


But knowing where you want to go really is a good idea. And there are many occasions where this can apply . . .


  • A year-end appraisal

  • A review of work objectives

  • A career change decision

  • A coaching session

  • A mentor conversation

  • A jaw-dropping, life-changing, lightbulb-turning-on moment


My goalsSo next time you want to be sure where you’re going, try writing a really articulate goal. A goal that considers . . .


  • Dates and deadlines
  • People who can help
  • What it looks like
  • What it feels like


Make it attainable, and believe you can get there.

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