Working it out . . . 

My guilty pleasure?

Well, now I think of it, I’ve got more than a few.

There’s my addiction to spending most of my disposable income on my Kindle … buying The Telegraph on a Saturday because I’m convinced the cryptic crossword is a little easier on that day (yes, once, I did finish it) … and going out to breakfast on a Sunday morning.
But it’s one of my other Sunday morning pleasures I’d like to share.
And lest you’ve got me pigeonholed as an out of control, couldn’t care less hedonist, let me please explain …

Working it outMy guilty pleasure is catching up on social media … reading in slower time what I didn’t have time for in the week … discovering what I’d missed.

And it’s only guilty because I realise it’s being done at the expense of other things on this valuable day that I have to myself … oh, who am I kidding?  Cleaning the house does not come high on my list of Sunday to dos.
So, back to my media mission.
Wow, there are some talented people in my social network. I don’t have to go far to find excellence.
They inspire me, nudge me towards curiosity, unlock a creativity in me (this blog, this morning, an example of that).
I once convinced myself – not that long ago – that social networking wasn’t for me. How wrong could I have been. Now, this easy-access interconnectivity is integral to my raison d’être.  I’ve established what works for me, and now think of it not as a bolt-on, or add-on to my already action-packed, jam-filled life, but as something I can weave in seamlessly to what I do, to who I already am.
There’s an incredible world out there – of information and intelligence and thought provocation – and all at the touch of a button and our fingertips.

So . . . signing out, logging off, must go … the hoover (still) is calling.

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