Keep learning . . .

line in the saneWhat are your line in the sand moments?

  • Mine is about sharing food off my plate – do it at your peril. If I’ve got something and you want it . . . I’ll happily share it . . . but not off my plate!
  • My sister’s is about sharing her reading glasses with all her friends and family who refuse to take theirs out with them
  • My daughter’s is spiders (she will never, ever, accept that they’re OK)
  • And my husband’s is socks – yep, you heard right, socks – after years of trying to persuade him that it really didn’t matter if our son borrowed the odd pair, his trademark is now that he always wears odd socks; something will be wrong in the world the day I see him in a matching pair.
In the world of work, my line in the sand moments, the things I’m known for, are about my values (please don’t ever lie to me – I really couldn’t cope), my credibility and my integrity.

They represent the stances I’m not prepared to compromise on, the messages I consistently give out, and the attitudes and behaviours I display easily because they’re part of who I am.

Knowing what they are – actually taking some time out to identify them and articulate them – helps me to know more about myself. And add that to the opportunities I have to solicit feedback on myself and dip in and out of the rich data I have on myself already from various diagnostics I’ve done over the years, and I’m starting to move towards that place where I can say I know myself well, am comfortable with who I am, might even be close to self-actualisation.

But this doesn’t mean that I can’t keep learning.

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