Only words . . .

wordsThe manipulative egg timer and the mystic magnolia bush.

Great phrases aren’t they?

Have you got a mental picture?

I certainly did, the first time I heard them. But then, I’m a highly visual learner. I realize they might not appeal to all.

And if you were wondering . . . one came from a pantomime, and the other from someone delivering a session on time management. I’ll let you work out which was which.

I made a note of them because I like words and phrases that sound a little quirky.

Others that I’ve picked up along the way include:

  • flex to suit
  • I started with an application of thought (and if you can work this one out, do let me know)
  • an unstinting capacity for unforgiveness (not that I’m advocating this behaviour!)
  • tap in and top up
  • in with anger, out with love
  • it is what it is
  • do you know whom I am (ouch!), and . . .
  • it’s blue (a reference to anything on our computers that goes wrong or doesn’t work)

And the point?

Aren’t words wonderful? (The mystic magnolia bush is currently topping my top 10 favourites.)

Use them wisely. Play about with them.

Tell someone how you feel. Make it stick. Make it count.



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