The simple truth . . .

100 percent genuine2Sometimes leadership jumps out and hits you.

In the most surprising places, at unexpected times.

This week I was the recipient of a lovely surprise get-together, organised by lovely work colleagues who cared enough about me to celebrate the work we’d done together over the past 11 years.

And I’ve told them what I thought about this . . . how much it touched me . . . how I’ll remember it for ever . . . so no more of that touch-feely emotional stuff that I know they’ll so easily dismiss because each of them is the very epitome of modesty, and unassuming, and humble.  You get the picture?  They’re amazing.

But what I saw this week was authenticity.  Them being them, the same socially as they are in the workplace.  Honesty (well, apart from their trickery in getting me to the event), humour, banter, compassion, ethics, camaraderie and . . . leadership in immeasurable doses.  For what they displayed last night was leadership.  Authentic, inspirational, decent behaviour that would make anyone want to follow them.

I don’t know if leaders are born or made – I’m still mulling that one over – but what I do know is that when it’s there, it comes from the heart and can’t be turned off at will.

Being a leader is simply who you are – in whatever situation you’re in.  Be yourself, and others will follow.

Thank you, my lovely friends.

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