Taking part . . .

Action Learning, EadeManagement Thinker and Manchester University’s first Professor of Industrial Management, Reg Revans, pioneered the notion of Action Learning – a learning by doing method of which I’m a huge fan.


And please forgive me, but if you didn’t already know . . . Action Learning is a very simple method of facilitation in which small groups of comrades in adversity learn from each other’s failures and victories rather than from expert instruction.   In rejecting traditional chalk and talk methods of instruction to help people to solve very practical problems, or help them to grow, Professor Revans advocated that we should be able to own up to ignorance without fear of ridicule or reprisal.

So, might I make a suggestion?

It’s this.

If you ever get the chance to take part in some Action Learning . . . please consider saying yes.

When I’ve facilitated Action Learning, I’ve seen the most hardened cynics warm to it, whole teams generate a multitude of ideas from it, and participants opening their mind to a brand new way of problem-solving (or, in strict Action Learning terminology . . . issue-resolution).

A good Action Learning facilitator may be hard to find . . . but if you find one, my recommendation would be to give them a try.


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