Thinking for life . . .

unlockingI can’t pretend that what you read below is my idea.

Oh no, I’m far too stupid.

But Professor Robert Sternberg and friends at Cornell University aren’t.  They campaign for a new kind of education that teaches people how to think more effectively, and in a way that’s useful for the rest of life . . .

“You see people who get very good grades, and then they suck at leadership. They are good technicians with no common sense, and no ethics. They get to be the president or vice-president of corporations and societies and they are massively incompetent.”

In his book, Why Smart People Can be So Stupid, Professor Sternberg discusses the psychological basis for stupidity in everyday life . . . but if you’d like to know how to shortcut to making some changes, here’s a summary (spoiler alert: your self-awareness of past mistakes might make you wince):

  1. Recognise your blind spots
  2. Be ready to eat humble pie
  3. Argue with yourself – and don’t pull the punches
  4. Imagine “what if…
  5. Don’t underestimate the checklist as a wonderful gentle reminder

“Intelligence isn’t a score on an IQ test – it’s the ability to figure what you want in life and finding ways to achieve that.”  Robert Sternberg.

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