Decisions, decisions . . .

Alice in Wonderland2

A friend recently spoke of someone we both knew as not being good at choosing when faced with too many options.

It struck a chord.  The curse of the big-picture idealist: highly intuitive and constantly weighing up options.

But as a big-picture person myself, I heard this not as a negative, but a wonderful positive, because there’s also an upside to what at its worst might play out as being paralyzed by possibility, or possessing an over-ambition that’s hard to satisfy.  (OK, I know I would say that: optimism simply abounds in we broad-view thinkers.)

Simply put, the upside is this: we big-picture thinkers are often the entrepreneurs, the go-getters, the visionaries that make things happen.  And if we can find some coping strategies to step out of our preference occasionally to be able to pay attention to the detail when it matters, this big picture stuff can actually be a blessing.

We just need a little gentle guidance along the way . . . a few fine detail helpers to reel us in and help us juggle the many demands in our world that those who know how to lay out, spell it out and nail down can do so well.

As for me?  Well I don’t consider myself entrepreneurial, and my creativity comes and goes, and I’m frequently working on the step-by-steps, the planning, and the minutiae that doesn’t always come naturally.  And I try to go-get as often as I can.

As for that third-party friend?  Well, she’s simply her.  And if she’s lucky she’ll find a good balance between big picture and fine detail to carry her through life and enable her to make the choices she needs to make.

And the best thing?  How wonderful that we’re all different.  Big picture, fine detail . . . let’s learn from each other.

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