4 thoughts on “Which one are you?

  1. Just a quick note to let you know ‘we’ are up to no good tomorrow Tracey, Steve and myself are running the Specials Leaderdhip course at NTU Newton building.
    We were all thinking of you the other day, so I thought I would let you know that the course has been revived and I’ve written it in a blended format, four ePresentations to watch, followed by a Webinar and tomorrow we will be doing the practical part or ‘Skills Day’.
    So thinking of you, an ‘ex-Ryton Player’ and just taking a moment to recognise your wonderful contribution to the course!
    It lives on! ūüė¨


  2. Hi christine,I hope you are well. I’m really ¬†enjoying ¬†reading your messages.I no longer hav your contact mobile number ¬†as I changed my phone ,could you kindly share it with me please so we can catch up.? Regards¬†Jasvir

    Sent from my Samsung device


    1. Hi Jas – lovely to hear from you, and glad you’re enjoying the blog! If you could kindly ask Ian for my number, he’ll share it with you. Look forward to hearing from you soon, and to a good catch up.


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