With the times . . .

A friend sent me a video link for a wine cooler that appears out of the ground, in your living room, at the touch of a button, delivering your tipple perfectly cooled and with such ease it’s bordering on the lazy.  Brilliant!  And this, on top of a weekend away at a family wedding where I took photos with my digital camera, uploaded them via its Wi-Fi link to my phone, onwards to a well-known photo sharing application which my family then received the link for – all in a few minutes (possibly even seconds).

It reminds me how wonderful technology is.  And if you’re surprised that I’m surprised, then please remember that I’m not a Millennial but the person who, hanging on to DOS commands in the ’90s, approached sight of a now global operating system software with the thought, this will never catch on.

So I’m not ashamed to say I continue to be wowed by technology on a daily basis, that it makes my life easier in so, so many aspects of my life – work and home – and that I will continue (I hope) to be amazed by it.  Only this week I’ve been checking out some apps for my phone that a colleague who works in China has just recommended . . .

It’s good to acknowledge where we once were, how we’ve travelled, and maybe where we’re going.

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