Excuse me . . .

A wonderful colleague described how, in a difficult time at work, they had once “trod the path of least resistance” when being managed by a bad manager.  A manager who didn’t believe in staff development, who argued openly with colleagues, and who led a dysfunctional team (because they couldn’t manage).

And the result?  You can imagine: stress, confusion about role, dissatisfaction, no professional development or goal setting.

Through a raised self-awareness and networking with peers, my colleague moved gradually from feeling overwhelmed to being able to acknowledge the difficult situation, let go, and move on to pastures new.  And when they got there they met a manager whose style they described as compassionate leadership.  It went like this:

“I’m sorry, but the difference between my old boss and my new one was amazing; I suddenly got to work with someone who was inspirational and professional, who had integrity, and who was caring, personal, authoritative, in touch with, and warm to their staff.”


Sorry?  No apology required.


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