To forgive is . . .

There’s a bit of an in-joke that my husband and I share.  When he’s done something that I feel he needs feedback on, or that surprises me (OK, I mean when he gets it wrong), and when I’ve got over his minor indiscretion or slip up, and he thanks me for my wonderful patience, I tell him . . .

“Remember, I always forgive, but never forget.”

Laughs all round, and we move on.  He likes that.

But it struck me today that maybe not forgetting might not be such a bad idea in situations other than the one of domestic bliss I’ve just described.

In fact, at work, it’s rather essential isn’t it, to remember what you’ve done, where you’ve been, and where you’ve come from?  We might even call this reflection.

So, what might you not forget, or reflect on?  How about:

  • decision-making – what feedback have you had that you might want to consider?
  • performance, including goal-setting – how are you doing, are you getting there?
  • relationships – what’s the impact that you’re making, who do you need to work better with?
  • self-awareness – what have you learnt, what do you do well, what could you do differently?

Perhaps you could give it some thought?

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