Seeing it clearly . . .

A friend shared with me their difficulties over reflection – something they wanted to do to aid their learning, but something that was proving difficult for them to achieve.

I could empathise.

Coming to understand the importance of reflection was a long journey for me – from studies, to yoga, to meditation, to mindfulness, to coaching.  And what I learnt along the way was that the reflection had to be right for me.  No one else could tell me how to do it, though in truth, a few wonderful people helped along the way to guide me and to seed sow.

For my coaching practice, I take delight in keeping a beautiful journal – it has to be beautiful, with just the right weight of paper, to be written on with a pen that I love.  Reflecting by writing down my thoughts is a must for me now – perhaps because I simply love writing, perhaps because I’m a very visual learner and I need to see the experience I’ve had.

The way we reflect is, I guess, driven by what’s at the heart of us, and will be individual to each and every one.

  • What might help you to reflect?
  • Where could you do it?
  • What do you need?
  • Who needs to know?
  • What’s stopping you?

Everyone needs a starting point, a critical moment, a light-bulb happening.  I hope that you find yours.

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