Just when you least expect it . . .

hair4I’ve had a trial run – a mother of the bride hairdressing appointment in order to experiment with my locks. It’s been a success. I now feel well-prepared for my (or rather my daughter and future son-in-law’s) big day.

But something my hairdresser said, as she did the reveal (you know, the moment when she puts that mirror behind your head and you try your best to look thrilled at your new creation) keeps coming back to me:

It’s very you” she said.

In the moment I took it as a compliment- because she’s a lovely person who’s been doing my hair for years. And I think she meant, “it suits you” which if true, I’m more than happy with. What mother of the bride can’t do with a little ego boosting?

But the truth is, I can’t stop thinking about what she said.

My hairdresser doesn’t know me well enough to know my personality type, my preferences, my strengths, my development needs. Yet she claims an element of knowing … enough, certainly, to make this comment.

So what is this “very me” comment that I can’t stop thinking about? Is she seeing a connection between my new hairstyle and my persona, or was she simply saying that my new hairdo suited my face?  I’m guessing the latter, but I’m also wondering what messages I’m giving off.

It’s Johari territory – what do others know about me that I don’t yet know?

Maybe I’m reading it a little too deeply and I should accept the comment on pure face value; and even if I don’t… little did my lovely hairdresser know what a wonderful opportunity for reflection she gave me.

Must go – I have a hundred pins to remove from my hair. Should give me enough time for a little contemplation.

Clever hairdresser! 

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