Half full and overflowing . . .

Today’s lesson, Class, is on extraversion.

Let me explain . . .

I met Roy Orbison in the chip shop the other night.


Well . . . a tribute Big O, but to me, as much the real thing as the original.  He was just lovely (and saying things are lovely is such an extravert trait).

This in itself was a highlight of my week . . . but what really left me on a high was the wonderful conversation I struck up with his wife as we waited for our fish and chip suppers to be cooked.  I don’t need to bore you with the detail – suffice to say that we made a connection, swiftly followed by next-day emails to confirm our new-found acquaintance.

The benefits of my extraversion:

  • I can tell you this story because of my ability to mingle and socially interact
  • I can make friends easily
  • I often have a raft of stories I can tell because of the quantity of interactions I have
  • I’m usually upbeat and positive – panglossian, perhaps to the extreme
  • I’m comfortable when eyes are upon me (in a work situation)
  • My job choice keeps me emotionally satisfied and highly engaged (annoyingly, to some, I just love my work!)

 And the downsides?

No, can’t think of a single thing.  Maybe the many friends I’ve already shared this story with would say otherwise?


2 thoughts on “Half full and overflowing . . .

    1. Thanks Sue. My daughter reminded me that she’d not known who Roy Orbison was when I told her the story – a mental note to self not to make assumptions about my audience! It really was a most lovely moment meeting Mrs Orbison – and I can’t wait to see her husband in concert (February)! Thanks again, Christine


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