When . . .

A sub-title of a magazine article, We live in a golden age of dithering, made me wonder . . . when is it good to change your mind?

It wasn’t long before I came up with a substantial list:

  • When you’ve listened to great feedback and know you need to change
  • When you and everyone around you can see that your decision didn’t work
  • When the problem-solving you did didn’t solve the problem
  • When someone else had a better idea
  • When circumstances or your context change
  • When you need to be more flexible than you’d imagined
  • When you’ve ruled it out and can now rule it in
  • When you’ve seen the results of the analysis
  • When you’ve listened to someone else’s opinion
  • When you’ve asked questions and got the right answers
  • When you know the truth
  • When you can finally admit you were wrong, or they were right
  • When you’re not afraid
  • When you’re a great leader


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