It’s hard, but . . .

A woman was sitting in her car at the traffic lights, watching vehicles from the opposite direction turn the corner and come onto her road.  The traffic was busy and fairly fast-moving, so she was surprised by a car that stopped, mid-corner, to let a pedestrian complete their passage across the road.

Her first thought was . . . why is the driver stopping?  It’s terribly kind of her to give way to the pedestrian, but doesn’t she know she has the right of way, and also that there’s a huge queue of vehicles behind her?

And almost in that same split second that she had those very uncharitable thoughts, another thought sprung to mind.  She noticed that the car was a left-hand drive, which in her country was not the norm, and so she put two and two together and made five (assumptions running wild now) and wondered if perhaps the driver was from another part of the world where they were more used to the pedestrian being in charge (similar to something she’d experienced on a recent visit to Latvia), and was in fact simply being kind and generous and considerate?

And as her own traffic light turned to green and she set off on her journey, she reminded herself how easy it is to judge others, and how so much harder it is to open your mind to possibility.

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