Come on Eileen . . .

Inspiration comes from the most unlikely places . . .

On a day’s boat trip around the Greek isles this summer, we cast off in the morning with the jolly Captain, all passengers a little unsure of each other and keeping themselves to themselves.

Half-way into the voyage, we had to turn round (I’m sure there’s an appropriate nautical term) to rescue passengers from a broken-down boat.  Some people weren’t happy.  “Give me back my €23” said one; “how late will we be now?” asked another.  (Us?  We thought it rather exciting; we’d never been on an international marine rescue mission before.)

But after a wonderful day swimming in crystal clear, warm Mediterranean waters, and a more than cheesy 70s’ soundtrack (and yes, we knew all the words), played through ancient speakers on the inbound journey, something changed.

Previously stern-faced travellers were singing out loud, a toddler dressed up as a pirate was being adored, and conversations were taking place between strangers. Smiles, friendly back-slapping and laughter ensued as we all disembarked.  We couldn’t have been happier with our amazing day . . . or with each other.

A wonderful example of Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing, if ever I’ve seen one.

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