Not always what it seems . . .

zaphodbeeblebrox2Driving home recently, an optical illusion came into view: a young man on a motorbike who appeared to have two purple-helmet-covered heads (very Zaphod Beeblebrox). As the rider drew nearer, it became obvious (of course) that the second head belonged to his very slim pillion passenger, leaning over his shoulder talking to him.

It made me think about things not always being what they seem at first glance, and how we sometimes jump to conclusions, getting it wrong. (The number isn’t always 42.)

A good example for me is the number of times less teccy-aware colleagues have attempted a gentle tease about me “being on my phone in work time” – when in reality I’m using my phone FOR work purposes – perhaps reading an extract from a coaching book on my e-reader, or checking a note I’d made about work when I was away from my laptop.  Come on – it IS 2016!

And then there’s the “cheer up it’ll never happen” or “you look confused, is there something you want to ask?” in a meeting, simply because I frown a lot when I’m interested and/or concentrating (though, note to self – NVCs ARE important and I should take note!).

Jumping to conclusions is a gut instinct, knee jerk reaction.  It’s what we then do and say with the judgement or prejudice or bias that’s formed that really shapes us and makes us who we are. 

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