It’s normal . . .

Have you ever noticed how we use the word “normal?”

On the train refreshment service the other day: “Do you want cappuccino, latte or normal coffee?”
The waitress serving my family’s breakfasts last Sunday: “here’s the vegetarian one, and here are the normal ones.”
The dictionary defines “normal” as “conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected” so we might argue that the coffee and breakfast examples are correct usage of a word we apply to so many situations. I might just have to concede that.
But what about when someone’s behaviour is known to be normal for them but is unacceptable to everyone around them? And no one challenges them because it’s difficult or embarrassing?
Acquiesce, accept, give in, ignore, forgive, overlook, forget, condone, broach, highlight, mention, review, protest.
Of course, the choice is entirely yours.

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