Can you do nothing?

Over Christmas, I played a gloriously silly game with my family where we had to guess the words or phrase on a card just from looking at an image trying to convey their meaning.

It was an innocent, funny family moment, and we each had our own talents and preferences that shone through and enabled us to make the connection between the words and the pictures to give the right answer.

But saying what you see is a real talent in the workplace.  It’s only the bravest amongst us who have the courage to be truly authentic in a conversation.  No matter how easy you think it might be to tell someone else about something as you see it, the challenge of doing that can be complicated by many factors: your relationships, your experiences, your knowledge or your confidence.

If you’re on the verge of thinking that you need to have an authentic conversation, I’d ask you just one question: what are the consequences of you doing nothing?


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