Always on your side . . .

Should you socialise with your colleagues outside work? (BBC Business, 21 December 2016) discusses how we rate the people we work with, and whether they might be seen as friends or simply acquaintances.

The choice, of course, should be the individual’s – as long as people at work can be respectful to each other and be professional in their relationships, there should be no pressure, surely, to be anything they’re not comfortable with being.

But the article did remind me of the now famous work by Gallup on what makes a great workplace.  In their discovery of 12 dimensions that consistently describe great workgroups, number 10 on the list was, “I have a best friend at work.”

While we might each apply different meaning to the word “friend” – perhaps choosing a more palatable substitute of critical friend, confidante or adviser – I guess we all know the value of someone at work we can trust, someone who listens, someone who is always there when we need them.

If we can take that outside of work, great, but otherwise . . . how wonderful to know that while we’re there, someone’s on our side.

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