Especially 12 years . . .

I hear a lot about stretch and challenge in the workplace – I even contribute to some conversations where people are trying to progress, to move from A to B on a journey of self-awareness or leadership development.

But it struck me the other day that it’s sometimes ok to stay where you are – of course it is. And indeed, I’ve always been a huge fan of providing lateral development for people to enable them to consolidate, take time, or even ease into a role.

The prompt?  An evening out where a “regular” at the venue had apparently sat in the same place, every Sunday night,  for 12 years.

And before you dismiss the benefit of that, or feel filled with a sense of boredom on her behalf, let me assure you, she could not have been happier. Others in the same venue “looked after” her, she was an expert on who, where, why, what, when and how (believe me, I got all my intell from her that night about my new surroundings), and she was safe and happy.  In short, comfortable in her own skin and good at what she did.

OK, not quite leadership or true workplace development, but a reminder that it’s ok to be good at what you do and to stay there occasionally.

Even if it takes 12 years. Especially if it takes 12 years.

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