SOAR . . .

I’ve long been a fan of the acronym SOAR.  I can recommend it for so many uses:

  • interviews, presentations, reflection, appraisals, briefings, speeches, telling stories … even as a framework for meeting specific criteria in an essay.

SOAR – situation, obstacles, actions, results – is clearly a versatile tool.

Psychologist Rob Yeung suggests we can use it to tell compelling stories – which I believe is a powerful tool for any manager or leader not only in getting their messages across but also in developing others.  To demonstrate, he gives a very simple example to get us in the swing of how to use it:

your car broke down in a foreign country, you couldn’t speak the language so you acted out the problem to a passer-by and they helped you

If you’ve not come across it, try it out.  It really does work.

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