Reflecting on texting …

I know that some of us (me included at times) can be critical of text messaging as a means of communication – especially with someone we really know well. Why wouldn’t we just talk to them face to face, or ring them? Well, for all the obvious reasons – and I don’t need to submit a history of text messaging, rationale and usage, here. But here’s a post in favour of the text. 

I recently spent some time deleting images in many of my text messages in yet another attempt to claw back much-needed storage space on my phone (“i” won’t be indiscreet and say which phone it is) and yes, the texts were an obvious target for this housekeeping exercise. 

So I spent a couple of hours – not particularly willingly – rigorously searching the context of my texts, and pressing delete where appropriate. And then something happened. 

Giving in to the distraction that interaction with any technology causes, I started to read the history of a few messages from family and friends. And ended up spending a morning re-living my life of the past few years. 

We talked about holidays, events, children, partners, jobs, job interviews, bosses, health, births, deaths, marriages, hobbies, music, books, films … and the conversations on existentialism (none of us truly understood it) and discrimination were ones to especially savour. 

And we shared learning points and quotations and images (of course – my starting point for this exercise). 

We laughed and raged and ranted and “cried” and bonded. We replied, forwarded, saved. We were creative and open and loving.

We typoed with the best of them, we corrected our predictive text errors together, we apologised when we sent messages intended for someone else. 

And above all this (and if all this wasn’t simply enough?) our texts have become a wonderful place for reflection (and you’ll know I’m a huge fan of that learning and developmental technique) – a new version of a diary perhaps?  Or a much welcome addition to my childhood 2-edition biography (apologies – some readers will be in on this joke)?

I realise that in my texts I have a story waiting to be written. 

So, friends, family … watch this space! (OK, a few other things to get out of the way first perhaps, but one day …. and you WILL be featured!)

And is there a message for us all here?  Hmmm … I wonder what we might all learn if we did the same exercise? Happy trawling!

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