Are you able?

In a lovely article – The psychology of leadership – Neil Fogarty shares some wise words:

“Here are a few things leaders can do to develop:

  • Social emotional learning – with emotional intelligence as a foundation, the 15 aspects of social emotional learning can be applied in the workplace – how to be better leaders and collaborators
  • Talking therapy – working with different talking therapies as a way to understand yourself and your colleagues – breaking down resistance to change by appreciating how negative perceptions and thoughts impact your effectiveness in the workplace;
  • Performance coaching – when you have explored your past and identified your thoughts and behaviours in the present day, it is time to plan for the future – how to achieve positive and empowering visions
  • Reflection – reflective thinking is often overlooked but is an essential part of leadership – take the time and space to look at how you have felt, thought and acted – and how this will inform your next move
  • Collaborative Intelligence (CQ) – the 15 elements of collaboration that ensure productive co-working

In my experience, a strong leader should be able to not only encourage the leaders of tomorrow but consistently build the capabilities of the leaders of today – and the people supporting them should be just as able.”

Ooh, I do like this.

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