A cautionary tale . . .

I asked my beloved to fill the washer bottle in my car. 

Let me set the scene. I have no interest in cars other than they get me from A to B, and that my particular model is … red. 

So I thought it reasonable to ask him to fill the bottle before I left for work. Unfortunately he didn’t quite see it that way, and after a brief exchange, I left the house, shall we say … a little disappointed. 
During the day a text arrived:
“Hi darling,
Please accept my apology for my inconsiderate and thoughtless behaviour towards your request this morning. 
I was of course totally out of order. 
Having driven your car on my own for the first time in a month on SUNDAY I clearly had lots of opportunities to refill the washer bottle which I KNEW was empty – obviously!
MONDAY – after you had driven it during the day, I could have filled it between you coming home and us going out in the evening. 
TUESDAY – after you had popped out for your meeting and I came home later I could have done it then, and to make matters worse I had a further opportunity later on yesterday after my work. 
Then, to top it off, I really should have filled it up this morning – standing in the bathroom in just my underpants, halfway through brushing my teeth and shaving was no excuse for my selfish behaviour.
I am so sorry.
Hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me?   X”
Which proves my point entirely – reflection is a powerful, powerful skill.

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