Out of control …

A few years ago I watched an episode of the most excellent “Malcolm in the Middle” where Lois went away for the weekend, leaving Hal at home – not quite alone, but suddenly without spousal influence or guidance. Needless to say, it all went horribly wrong. I seem to remember there was much cigarette smoking, some serious boy’s own engineering in the back garden (something to do with a motorbike and a home- made rocket), and general mayhem as the weekend descended into panic for Hal as the impending return of his beloved drew nearer. 

My husband and I laughed. Oh, how we laughed. Only later in life have I come to realise why. 

My husband IS Hal (or at least something very close to a half-decent impression of him). 

As evidence, may I offer the fact that today I returned home to find the results of my husband’s day on his own: a severe pruning of the garden shrubbery, and a radical clear-out of the garage. Lest you think I’m being unfair, and should be welcoming the behaviour of one who doesn’t sound at all Hal-like, let me make my case once and for all. 

He’d also bought a laminator. 

He’s off work this week. I’m a little fearful what I might come home to tomorrow, but already I’m thinking … laminated missives spread on every cupboard and flat surface around the house. Or anything that’s fixed or standing still. The dog is looking fearful. 

In a leadership situation of course, Hal would be revered – perhaps as an entrepreneur or innovator; a creative thinker who can be proactive and motivated, needing minimal direction. 

So I’ve made a decision. 

I can’t be with my husband during the day this week. My “Alexa” is not yet connected to a webcam. And yes, I do know that it’s his holiday, and he should be allowed to enjoy himself. 

So I’m going to make him a list of all the other things he could be doing that might be a little more aligned to the plethora of chores that do actually need doing around our house and garden. 

And to help him even more … I’m going to laminate it. 

He’ll like that. 

Good leadership – it’s everything. 

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