What a privilege …

I heard Olivia Coleman on the radio, talking about her reading style. 

She described how she likes to leave an appropriate gap between finishing one book and starting another – just so she doesn’t feel she’s betrayed the one she’s just put down and enjoyed so much. 

I feel pretty much the same about lots of things … watching a good play, opening a birthday present, an amazing holiday.

But most of all, I feel something akin to what the marvellous Ms Coleman described when I’ve just come out of a coaching session.

It’s such a privileged position to be a coach – and people (often for the very first time I meet them) share stories that are so significant and meaningful to them that I walk away feeling more than a little humbled that they should trust me with their world. 

It takes people courage to share their world with others. Maybe it’s something we could all consider next time we ask someone, “hi, how are you?” and we don’t quite get the response we expect?

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