Born, or made?

Can you be taught to be more charismatic?
The BBC’s Elizabeth Hotson attended a “charisma master class” to find out whether you can teach someone to become more charismatic. And in her report, I really liked Lord Digby Jones’ explanation of a charismatic leader: 

“I’d say charisma is the confidence to constantly communicate and articulate a positive message.” 

At last, an explanation of charisma that makes sense when applied to leadership. For too long before this I’d never been convinced. 

Elsewhere – there are a couple of tutors on a course of study I’m currently on whose feet I would willingly sit at if I could, full time. They capture my attention and my imagination completely, and I am in awe of their brilliance. And they aren’t loud or or showy or full of self-importance – they’re simply experts in their field, and they know how to explain what they know to others, and they’re humble and friendly and engaging. They make learning accessible. 

I wonder – is that charisma?

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