Watching it unfold …

A wonderful colleague recently described her take on the moment when a coachee works out, all for themselves, the answer to their particular issue. 

She likened their thought process to watching a ping pong ball bouncing from one wall to another – each bounce a different comment or thought – quick-change and back and forth.

And she also described what a privilege it was to be able to watch this thought process take shape, with her clients usually being able to work out their own answers to what was troubling them. 

I thought this story reflected first on my colleague and her wonderful ability as a coach who is unafraid to be silent, to listen to her clients, and to give the space they need to be able to arrive at their own solutions …. and then also on what a privilege it is to be a coach working with someone who is prepared to let you into their world to see transformation take place. 

Table tennis, ping pong … call it what you will. A moment to be cherished, for sure. 

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