Your personal best …

When do we let ourselves down?

  • When we’ve made a decision for the wrong reason?
  • When we’ve not spoken up in favour of an action that we know is required?
  • When we haven’t found time in a busy day to take just one minute to praise someone we know needs our attention?
  • When we try to fit in with the crowd and compromise our values by doing so?
  • When we say we understand but don’t and haven’t raised our hand to ask?

I could go on.  Perhaps you can add to your particular list of missed opportunities, regrets, self-doubt or frustrations?

Well, once you’ve done that, ask yourself also … how would you describe your personal best?  How do you know when good is good enough, and when you simply could not have tried harder?

I ask this because I witnessed someone very close to me recently suggesting that they hadn’t been good enough, and proposing that they would try harder next time … and worse, that they’d let others down by their performance.  The truth?  They could not have been more wrong.  Their performance was truly amazing, their efforts towards getting there incredible, and their conclusion emotional and heart-warming to all who observed.

Put simply?  They trained for a race, fell down 2 miles from home, picked themselves up, continued, and finished (arriving with what we suspected at first was a broken arm).

They finished.

A PB if ever I’ve seen one.

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