Like what?!

I read a social media post that was bemoaning, through writing about a personal conflict its writer had experienced,  “is this why the world is in such a bad place today?”

Quite rightly, a huge voice of reason responded (in very many replies to the original post) to suggest a little generalisation and stereotyping was taking place, and that the writer’s situation could not, and should not, be held responsible for what’s going on in the world. 

I agree. 

There are more important battles to fight, and more serious abuses of world order that need highlighting. 

First, there’s the tendency by people when speaking to add the word “like” into their sentences … almost as if it’s a filler, a habit that’s hard to break or they don’t realise they’re saying it. “It was like really noisy” – well was it noisy, or wasn’t it?

Then, the tendency to turn a question into a statement with a mere inflection of the voice … “So, I went to work today?” Well, did you, or were you elsewhere?

And now I learn that, apparently, it’s ok to split an infinitive. 

Now don’t judge me too harshly – I know my writing isn’t perfect, and who amongst us hasn’t occasionally, and all too easily, separated our verbs from our tos?  

But really … the announcement has made me question whether world order will ever be restored. 

So I might just, like, have to boldly go with my conviction to hold on to what’s right?

Sometimes, I find change challenging. 

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