What it’s really about . . .

Let me be very clear.  I love technology.

Kanbans, VPNs, Boolean logic, DNS, GUIs, drag and drop?  Bring it all on!

I can hold my own in a conversation about RAM and an SSD.  I’ve learnt to Moodle and Doodle, and the cloud has transformed my life – truly!  Hey, I’ve even been known on a good day to write a swish IIF Statement and a Do While Loop.

And yet in a great conversation the other day I forced myself to consider where technology might be leading us – where it can be used for good, and where it might impact negatively on future generations.

It took a conversation, with a person, for me to think about this more deeply.  Not hardware or software or shareware or freeware.  A person.

And it reminded me of what one of my most wonderful IT colleagues once told me:

“IT isn’t about computers … it’s about people.”

Perhaps that’s why I love it so much.

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