Walking football?

In essence … football without running, invented to inspire men over the age of 50 to get more exercise and to counter social isolation. And yes, now there are women’s walking football clubs too.

I don’t play … but know someone who does, and truly, it’s kindled a love for playing football that he once thought he would never be able to repeat – he was an amazingly talented player, but there came a time when age determined he just couldn’t run – literally – with a younger crowd.

I love hearing about his match successes, about the occasions when he sometimes forgets he’s not allowed to run, and to witness the spark in him that’s been reunited by once more falling in love with the beautiful game.

I also love the simplicity of it all. There may be 52 rules listed on the Walking Football United’s website, but there’s one that’s strikingly clear – one foot must remain on the ground at all times.

“If it looks like running,” notes the WFU, “it probably is. Whistle.”

How many times do we complicate life, especially at work, by making it rule-bound and restrictive? If only we could all just keep our feet on the ground.

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