Life’s dilemmas …

Over a recent holiday, I was playing a new game with the family, based on choosing between absurd dilemmas.

Rather surprisingly, I found three dilemmas in the nicely printed cards that for me were bordering on not being dilemmas:

  • When someone makes a grammar mistake, you give them a corrective slap

  • You can’t speak until you raise your hand and someone says it’s your turn

  • All your digital communication has to be handwritten from now on

Please don’t judge me too hard. I’m unlikely to follow through or insist on any of the above in situations I’m involved in* … but there was just a little spark in each of them that appealed.

How about you? What have you observed is a dilemma for some, but for you might be an opportunity?

* If one more person says to me “could of …” instead of “could have …” I might just be getting close!

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