Eggs and baskets . . .

Pancake Day is an event much looked forward to in our house.  Well, at least by my husband – I can take or leave them, and this year I didn’t indulge.  But delivering up a treat in the pancake department was my main concern (am I the best wife ever?) as a little treat for my beloved.  And in recognition of Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras, I was reminded of the notion of putting all your eggs in one basket – so often seen as undesirable, unwise, unsafe.  But, what if it’s a metaphor for something much more positive?  Like, for example . . .

  • making a decision
  • stating your unequivocal support
  • placing your trust in another
  • speaking out, speaking up for someone who deserves it
  • praising someone and meaning it

So, just sometimes, can’t a single plan of action be a good thing?

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