Taking stock …

Here in my little world I have a grandson who at only 4 months is showing interest in the bright, shiny, touchy-feely books we’ve already bought him. So it struck me as rather poignant when I heard a story about

Mosul, where the University’s library has recently been re-stocked due to the generosity of a UK initiative, and a lecturer was so happy on seeing the new books, that he danced.

It made me think about how much we take for granted in our lives. And while not arguing that the good things that make our lives better or happier should be eliminated, I do know that sometimes it’s all too easy to let them pass us by and never acknowledge their sheer fabulousness or joy that they bring in a daily basis.

And I wondered … who might I be taking granted of in my life today?

I’m going to do my own stocktake.

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