Ooh la la . . .

Shocking news.

It seems that France, a country long known for its gastronomic excellence, is turning to fast food.  It now sells approximately 2bn sandwiches a year.

The reason for the change?  Because the lunch breaks of French workers have been reduced – from an hour and a half (most generous) 20 years ago to an average of only 22 minutes.  Add to that changes in the French economy and an understandable reluctance therefore to spend money at bistros, and the myth of the French sitting down to 3-course lunches is well and truly blown.

The good news, thankfully, is that it seems the French don’t do sandwiches like everyone else.  There are sandwiches whose bread is coloured pink with beetroot, and others tinged green from seaweed as an ingredient.  Apparently, France is drawing on its long gastronomic tradition to reinvent the sandwich.

Who says change is bad?

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