What’s for dinner?

We sometimes play a game my friends and I when we’re all sitting around one of others’ kitchen table enjoying our time together.  It usually comes quite late at night …

  • Favourite book?
  • 3 dinner party guests from history?
  • If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be?

You know the type of thing.  Silly games, sparking lots of laughter and great conversation.  And occasional comments that people around the table are never, ever allowed to forget.

I came across an interview the other day with author Jojo Moyes.  She identified 6 objects which she says represent her life the most.  They included a leopard print scarf, a dog and a phone case.  Each to their own, of course.

I thought that perhaps it might also be interesting to ID the 6 objects that have least defined you.

So, next dinner party conversation sorted.


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