Getting the job done . . .

In an office I know, there’s a wooden window pole.  I suspect it could come from the 1920s at least, though I’m not entirely sure.  The pole might best be described as a gaff … leading me to an enlightening conversation one particular morning about the origin of the role “Gaffer” in the early days of the Hollywood movie studios.  But I digress.  The better point to be made, beyond my etymological delving is …

Said pole is a pretty basic instrument.  It lives attached to a clip on the wall near windows that are opened every morning with it.  It’s a does what it says on the tin device.

And so … despite it being a little old, and with potential for unwieldiness by whoever opens the windows each morning – one wrong move and said gaff would easily slip out of hands and into a window pane – it does the job it’s being asked to do.

It’s paid for, it costs nothing, it sits quietly and rather modestly against the wall overnight ready for its moment of glory each new day.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it seems rather appropriate here.

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