Get on board . . .

A bus arrived outside my office window.  A double-decker variety, with a digital sign on it that read, “Exam Bus.”  I work in the field of education, and we support students with travel between our city campuses, so the concept of the bus wasn’t a surprise, but the new, shiny sign was.  So much so that I commented on it to my lovely office colleagues.


We watched as the bus pulled away after picking up only a few passengers on this particular afternoon exam slot.  So we joked about jumping on it one day just to make up numbers and make the driver feel loved, etc, etc.  (We’re a very in-touch-with-our-emotions sort of team.)

And then one of my colleagues suggested we could have a “team meeting on a bus.”  He said it with a smile on his face, and we all laughed at the thought.

And then I wondered …

Not exactly a team meeting with an agenda and agenda items and any other business, but … how about a getting to know you even better moment?  We reckoned that a round-journey between our different sites and back to base would take approximately 30 minutes.  And the metaphors ran wild when we thought of the possibilities of what this journey might like look like.

We started with the more obvious …

  • it’s not the destination but the journey
  • distance travelled
  • would the ride be bumpy or smooth?

And then . . .

  • what would be the influence of our personality types on how we’d interact on the bus?
  • would the introverts amongst us prefer to be quiet and look out of the window, or at the very least only interact with the other members of the team who they already knew?
  • would the extraverts be busy saying hello to whoever got on, striking up conversations with strangers, reconnecting with colleagues who got on at other stops?

We had a few moments of silliness talking about this, and then returned to our work.

My point?

Is it really so silly?  Or a golden opportunity awaiting us?

Would it hurt us to take just 30 minutes out of our day to go on a short bus ride so that we could talk to each other?  How are you?  How are you feeling? 

And for the doubters . . . what’s the worst that could happen if you did something similar?  Maybe you haven’t got a bus … but how about a walk around your office building or grounds?  A stroll up and down the street, or around the car park?  Or if you’re lucky enough to have one, 30 minutes together in an on-site cafe or canteen or restaurant?

As I find myself so often saying … our possibilities are endless.

Move along please!


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