Start the week . . .

Things to do in a 5 minute break . . .

  1. Some simple desk exercises . . . they’re quick, effective, and don’t even require leaving your office, if you’re not in the mood to walk around.
  2. A quick organizational chore. Not one that you dread, or find to be cumbersome. Just something small, like emptying out your backpack, purse, or briefcase, and reorganizing it, or cleaning up your desk area and tossing unnecessary documents. Or if you work from home, you could get a load of laundry started, or wash the dishes. Little household or administrative tasks like these can feel oddly satisfying and mind freeing.
  3. A simple hand or neck massage to release tension.
  4. Some “office yoga” or breathing exercises can go a long way in five minutes to center your mind and body.
  5. Or even keep it as simple as getting up to get a glass of water.

Adapted from the fascinating Francesco Cirillo and “The Pomodoro Technique – 5 things to do in your 5 minutes break

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