Soaring high . . .

Flight Attendant Julie Reynolds recently completed 41 years of service with the same airline. Not bad for someone who at the age of only 17 took the opportunity of putting herself forward for the role while working in the airline’s offices, and her manager had to be her guarantor to confirm that she was mature enough to be considered.

In her career, she’s travelled 12.8 million miles, been to nearly every country in the world, and flown a round-the-world trip on Concorde. That’s some air miles.

She describes her passion for the airways starting at an early age:

“I was a flying nut even as a kid. I lived near Heathrow Airport as a child and would love to plane spot.”

Her story reminded me of a friend who this year left her company after 16 years’ service to become a flight attendant. When I asked her why, she shared that it was her childhood ambition, a dream she had always wanted to make reality.

Several months into the experience, I hear she’s doing well … and to be honest, I’m not surprised: passengers on any flight would be pleased and lucky to have her.

Ms Reynolds was lucky to have entered her dream career at a young age, and made a success of it.

My friend? She had to wait a little longer … but isn’t it wonderful that after many years of longing and waiting, she saw an opportunity to follow her dream, and leapt at it?

I suspect she’s now in it for the long-haul. I wish her a good journey.

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