What is it . . .

Oli Doyle helps us to think how we can make daily activities mindful ones.

In a series of mindfulness exercises, he covers drinking a cup of tea, sitting mindfully, breath techniques, walking, eating, driving, noticing every sound . . . or thought . . . or feeling.  And more besides.

And for the doubters amongst us, he responds to a comment he’s heard so often – I’m too busy to practise mindfulness:

“Is that so? Try to notice what you do instead of setting aside time for formal practice. Can you spot a ten or fifteen-minute gap where you are just killing time by watching TV or playing on the Internet? Would you rather watch the TV for an extra hour or practise something that brings peace and joy into your life? If you would rather practise, then just do it, and stop thinking about why you can’t fit it in.”

Whether it’s mindfulness you’re resisting, or something else you’re avoiding, I’d love to know . . . what’s stopping you?

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