Ask away . . .

Only if you’re old enough to remember, try answering these questions:

First off, the big one: what did you do before the Internet?

And now, breaking it down:

  • When you were watching a tv programme and couldn’t quite remember where you’d seen that actor before, how did you find out?
  • How did you find time to leave work early to go to the bank to transfer that money from one account to the other?
  • When you were studying, how did you juggle the challenge of only being able to take out a limited number of books at one time from your college library?
  • How on earth did you diagnose that pain/injury/illness/virus/general malaise you were feeling?!
  • How did you ever manage to declutter your home and sell on your cast-offs?
  • How did you get your messages out to a wide audience?  (Literal soap boxes and celebrity status notwithstanding.)

I could go on.  

Now you try.  What are the questions you’d pose about life before?

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